We were in the middle of an epidemic, confined at home, watching everything around us stop, restless due to the absence of work and the obligatory social distance ... We could not simply remain indifferent to the situation. We had to do something. It was then that “the” idea came up!

From there, we idealized the whole concept with a single purpose - “helping” to fight this pandemic, bringing joy to people, creating messages of strength, comfort, peace and full of color. All of this through a piece that almost everyone wears daily - the socks.

The brand name became “almost” obvious: joining the unprecedented and sensitive moment that we were all going through, with the main product of our brand - the socks - and thus PANDEMEIA was born.


PANDEMEIA is a 100% Portuguese brand and, although we already produce other products, socks will always be our most characteristic product and, without a doubt, our best seller.

The PANDEMEIA concept has already grown and promises to continue to develop and adapt to current issues.